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Dear guest !

Our company provides you with our new service – “Dental Tourism”

This service is be coming more popular in many countries. Ukraine is not an exception. We

propose you visit our country, explore and acquaint yourself with Lvov, as well as at the

same time receiving quality dental care. You comfortably rest with soul and body in a city the

history of which goes back many centuries, getting many pleasant experiences and don’t even

notice how your dental problems are solved by themselves.

High quality service, guarantee completion of the work and high-class equipment allows for

service of European quality to be provided to you for very reasonable prices.

How our programme works:

1. You need to contact us, and send us a panoramic image of your jaw or damaged tooth

in an electronic format so that a complete picture of your illness can be created.

2. Any questions you may have will be answered and all the details of the trip (including

the price of the service and required time of stay) will be communicated to you


3. A treatment plan will be worked out in close cooperation with the doctor and made to

fit with the plan of your trip.

4. We will help with the reservation of your flight tickets, hotel, transfers and


In this way, you will be able to combine a vacation with necessary procedures, thereby

making a tourist trip not only fun but also useful for you and your teeth :)))


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Drahan Olena

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